Graduation ceremony and prom event, June 25

We are proposing a Graduation Ceremony at the Wise Hall on June 25, and we are happy to invite all members of our community to join us! There would also be a Prom type dance later in the evening, which will be a student-oriented event. As people may know we will be having a WH Leaving Picnic the day before on June 24, and that will be a more general goodbye to WH, but this event will focus on seeing the Grads off.

The Graduation Ceremony will start at 6 pm, the doors will be opened at 5:30 pm.
There will be tickets available at the door by donation. The suggested donation is $10-$20 but nobody will be turned away. Before the dance starts we will have a potluck type dinner, please see sign-up sheet below if you want to bring something.

The Prom will start later in the evening at 7:30, and it will be a fun opportunity to have an all-ages dance. We ask that kids under 7 be fully accompanied by an adult, as there will be no babysitting provided.

From 9:30 onward (to about 12:00) we are asking that the dance become a high school oriented event and that families and younger kids head out.

Here are the sign-up sheets for Grad and Prom, if you plan to attend please put your name down, as well as the names of people you are bringing. If people are going to both the grad and the dance they must sign up on both sheets.

Sign up for the Graduation Celebration

Sign up for the Prom

Sign up to bring something to the potluck:

By: Brigit S