WH move and change worparties

I am a little scared to post this, but here goes. TES has recruited me to manage the packing and movement of the Organizations many possessions, along with the shuffles of items from building to building as we pack up WH and prepare for something new.

Big changes are in the wind for Windsor House and that will mean a lot of work. While we don’t yet know which spaces will be closed to our community, what new space might open, and what resources will be needed in which spaces, it’s time to get started.

In the past three years that WH has been on the drift without a full and solid home, I have been continually delighted by all the people who show up to get the work done. Thank You! And here we go again.

On Sunday, June 23, I will host a Pod Clean up work party from 1-5 pm. I am open to other hours if people are available different hours.

What’s needed:
People to furiously wield brooms
Help sorting toys and equipment
General cleaning
Vehicles to take away recycling and non-useful stuff later in the day/week.

Call, text or email me (David) for more info. 604-710-5346

Please Register here (so I can send you updates if needed). I will keep a running list for all work parties, and there will be lots! (sorry that sounds scary, but it’s true.)

Work party registration

By: David G