Community educational offerings for next year

With the official closing of WHS behind us we must look at moving forward. Our initial hope laid with the Vancouver School Board offering us a space for the upcoming school year. Unfortunately, not even with the amazing leadership of Trish and Helen could they be convinced.

Now what? Here are opportunities for you to engage in some options already under way. Please save the date for these upcoming meetings and see more info below.

  • Thursday, July 4, 7:30 pm – K-9 DL @The Thistle (#260-975 Vernon Drive, Vancouver)
  • Monday, July 8, 7 pm – High School (12+) DL @ location TBA

Grades K-9

We’ve been speaking on the need to collaborate and possibly join together to create a more solid, multi-age (K-Gr.9) group. Why? We’re concerned that having numerous small pods makes it difficult to sustain any of these DLs, so we’re hoping that by joining together we can create stability and the reassurance of something solid for all of us. We hope to create a DL large enough to pool our resources and provide something with a solid schedule, one that has wonderful outdoor options and also has options for kids who prefer maker space or indoor activities. We would also like to work our scheduling around a farm day and the theatre program, as we know many are interested in those opportunities. We hope to preserve the multi-age learning that has been so beneficial to our kids, and also have some splitting into smaller groups for age appropriate activities. We’d like to host an info and collaboration session so we can all come together to alleviate these mutual concerns and find reassurance, in order to create a stable DL for our families.

The next meeting will be Thursday, July 4, 7:30 pm at the Thistle (#260-975 Vernon Drive, Vancouver). Childcare is available: please sign up here.


High school (12+)

Behind the scenes there have been busy groups of families piecing together educational opportunities offered through Island Discovery Learning Centre (IDLC). The high school DL (ages 12+) will be offering academic courses on Tuesday and Wednesday each week. We currently have one face-to-face day guaranteed with a teacher but as enrolment increases so will the teachers classroom presence. We would also like to work our scheduling around the theatre program, and outdoor trips, as we know many are interested in those opportunities.

The next meeting will be Monday, July 8, 7:00 pm – location TBA.

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For more information, contact Tanya by email or call (604) 908-0907.

By: Tanya N.