District contact for records

For all parents who may need records or reports from Windsor House. Once the school office closes on July 5th all of the school files and records will be sent to the Gulf Islands school district office. Please call 1 855 481 5548.
After July 5th the school phone will no longer be working.

By: Meghan

Lost and Found from Revue

Here are a few lost and found items that were recovered from the Revue Stage last night. They will be brought to the leaving picnic at Trout Lake tomorrow for owners to claim. In addition, if theatre students are missing any other items, Daniel will be at the theatre on Monday around 2pm where you could go searching.

– Red, child size hoodie
– Blue earbuds
– Grey and yellow stripped ball cap
– Glass vases
– Grey non-slip water bottle

Thanks for a wonderful last show!

By: Julia U

Leaving ceremony

Normally, at the end of the year, WH holds a leaving ceremony for any students who are moving on from WH (from the small to the tall). Special attention gets paid to the students who would normally be graduating (or of graduation age). This year, with the impending closure, we have decided to hold two different events.

On Monday, June 24, from 3:30 to 7:00 pm, we will have a “Leaving Acknowledgement” event at the Trout lake covered area. During this event, we will acknowledge that EVERYBODY is moving on to new horizons, and we can give all students a chance to “graduate” (i.e. get name called out, get a certificate,etc.). Due to large numbers, this event won’t have speeches for leaving students.

In the event of rain we are looking into an alternate venue. Stay tuned and check your email if it looks rainy on the 24th.

On Tuesday, June 25 at the WISE Hall, we will have our Graduation Leaving Ceremony. It will go from 5:30 to around 7:30 with a dance until 9:30 pm. After, the grad students are hoping to have a more teen and adult dance, as part of this event. In addition, they want people to dress up a little bit, if they wish… in order to add to the atmosphere. In this event, we will acknowledge the students who are officially graduating or moving on from Grade 12 to other paths. Students will have a few words spoken about them, and some students may choose to say a few words about their experiences at WH. There would also be some recognition of staff who were going to retire this year. Many families love this event, as you get to hear tributes to some of your most favourite people… and you get to send them off into the world. Sadly, this event may be the last big WH event, so it will be especially poignant this time around.

By: Meghan

Makerspace sign up

If you are interested in attending the Makerspace during the week or for camps next year please fill out the following form.

This is not an official registration, it’s just to get an idea of what families are needing/looking for, you can still change your mind. We need to get an idea of numbers so we can properly plan for September.

Makerspace Sign up

We are very happy to announce that we will be offering monthly memberships on a sliding scale from $100- $400 per month.

This means that if you are registered in a DL and would like to use your $100 DL funds the cost to parents per kid is sliding scale $0-$300 sliding scale per month to attend the Makerspace.

Right now we are offering 2 days per week at the space with around one-two hours with a mentor with membership but more days/mentorship could be offered depending on numbers and demand.

For more information please see the proposal doc, this is a live doc and maybe updated from time to time.

Proposal document

If you have any questions please contact TES4Makers@gmail.com

PS don’t forget to share our campaign, the money raised will help us offer subsidy and the sliding scale memberships.

Makerspace campaign


Graduation Numeracy Assessment, June 25

For the new Graduation Program (students born in 2001 and later), students will need to write the Graduation Numeracy Assessment before they can officially graduate. It is recommended that Grade 10’s and 11″s seriously consider writing the test this year , as well. By writing the exam now, it allows you to rewrite it if you bomb the test. Grade 12’s born in 2001 or later need to do the test this month, or delay their graduation.

The test will happen on Tuesday, June 25 at 12 pm.

If you have questions, see Kelley. Kelley can go through sample exams upon request. Although high school is over this Friday, June 14, you can attend next Wednesday, Thursday or Friday to try your hand at a practice exam with staff support.

By: Kelley C

Graduation ceremony and prom event, June 25

We are proposing a Graduation Ceremony at the Wise Hall on June 25, and we are happy to invite all members of our community to join us! There would also be a Prom type dance later in the evening, which will be a student-oriented event. As people may know we will be having a WH Leaving Picnic the day before on June 24, and that will be a more general goodbye to WH, but this event will focus on seeing the Grads off.

The Graduation Ceremony will start at 6 pm, the doors will be opened at 5:30 pm.
There will be tickets available at the door by donation. The suggested donation is $10-$20 but nobody will be turned away. Before the dance starts we will have a potluck type dinner, please see sign-up sheet below if you want to bring something.

The Prom will start later in the evening at 7:30, and it will be a fun opportunity to have an all-ages dance. We ask that kids under 7 be fully accompanied by an adult, as there will be no babysitting provided.

From 9:30 onward (to about 12:00) we are asking that the dance become a high school oriented event and that families and younger kids head out.

Here are the sign-up sheets for Grad and Prom, if you plan to attend please put your name down, as well as the names of people you are bringing. If people are going to both the grad and the dance they must sign up on both sheets.

Sign up for the Graduation Celebration

Sign up for the Prom

Sign up to bring something to the potluck:

By: Brigit S

WH move and change worparties

I am a little scared to post this, but here goes. TES has recruited me to manage the packing and movement of the Organizations many possessions, along with the shuffles of items from building to building as we pack up WH and prepare for something new.

Big changes are in the wind for Windsor House and that will mean a lot of work. While we don’t yet know which spaces will be closed to our community, what new space might open, and what resources will be needed in which spaces, it’s time to get started.

In the past three years that WH has been on the drift without a full and solid home, I have been continually delighted by all the people who show up to get the work done. Thank You! And here we go again.

On Sunday, June 23, I will host a Pod Clean up work party from 1-5 pm. I am open to other hours if people are available different hours.

What’s needed:
People to furiously wield brooms
Help sorting toys and equipment
General cleaning
Vehicles to take away recycling and non-useful stuff later in the day/week.

Call, text or email me (David) for more info. 604-710-5346

Please Register here (so I can send you updates if needed). I will keep a running list for all work parties, and there will be lots! (sorry that sounds scary, but it’s true.)

Work party registration

By: David G

Cottage pack up

We are inviting all families to help us with work parties next week!

We have so much to pack up and clean at the Cottage!

Heather will be at the Cottage on Monday and Tuesday from 10 am until 3 pm, so please come anytime you can to lend a helping hand! Other staff will be around on Thursday and Friday if those days work better for you. Please talk to any Cottage Staff if you are able to help anytime next week and thank you so much!

Sign up to help at the Cottage

By: Heather K

WH parent survey to help with VSB push

Windsor House Survey for parents to help with VSB push – please fill out now!

This information will really help build our case to convince the VSB to support democratic education based on WH. The VSB meeting where they will vote on the motion is on June 24 so please fill in as soon as possible. Thanks!

We are trying:
1. To track your catchment school to show that we are part of the community, and
2. To highlight that many of us have tried mainstream VSB schools and they didn’t work for us

Please fill in once for each student you have in your family.

WH parent survey

By: Trish

Lost and Found

Last chance!

The lost and found at the Pod is from the buses, out trips, farm and theatre as well as the Pod. It will be taken to the Leaving Ceremony at Trout Lake on Monday, June 24.

By: Cheryl B

WH blogs and Facebook after closure

Blogs – The WordPress blogs that WH created for each student will continue to exist after the school closes. You can continue to use them (or not) as you wish. They’re hosted on wordpress.com under the free plan. Each family should have received login information at past conferences. If you don’t have this information and you want it, please email blogs@mywhs.ca before the end of June.

Facebook – The official WH Facebook group (Windsor House Community) will continue as an alumni group, so people can stay connected and find out about future events and news. Access to this page is by invite only. If you’re not already a member, email Charlie to be invited. Please include the email address that is linked to your Facebook account.

By: Carolyn

Last Minecraft class, June 20

The last Cottage Minecraft class of the year is this week on Thursday, June 20. (Not on Friday as previously posted.) There are some special surprises in store and we’ll be playing on new and different maps that have something for everyone!

By: Andre

Outdoor and Maker Space DL

New Outdoor and Maker Space Distance Learning (DL) Program through Island Discovery

Will feature outdoor learning, including overnight trips with relevant on-the-spot science, social, cultural, and arts lessons and discussions.

Supplementary lessons building on the outdoor experience through face-to-face programming could include science potions lab, raising chicks and tadpoles, and more

Personalized project planning, guidance, and implementation emanating from the outdoor activities that build on the individual child’s interests, passions, and aptitudes

The Island Discovery Learning Centre (IDLC), operating under the Powell River School District, is developing this distributed learning pod (for grades 4-9 approximately), opening it up in September 2019.

We will be working with a science and outdoor leadership teacher.

Enrollment is open now and we welcome those who wish to supplement a home-schooling experience. The plan is to have an average of two days per week of in-class programming (variable depending on field trips), and dependent on the number of students enrolled.

To register, use the link below to enroll and in the drop-down menu select the “WH Pods” option:

Island Discovery registration

Any further questions, please contact Jennifer B  OR DJ M

By: DJ

VSB Meeting – Trustees will vote!

We need a big turnout! The VSB will be voting on a motion to set up a Democratic School using the WH model.

It is high time that Vancouver offered a democratic model school of choice. This is our big chance to show them that many people care about this.

The meeting will be on June 24th, at the Vancouver School Board Building at 1580 West Broadway (at Fir). The time is 7 pm.

There is free parking on the third level down (anywhere on that level after 6:00) and be sure to sign in to a book that is on a counter in the hall just beyond the main desk.

Please please come. If ever we needed you, we need you now.

By: Helen H