Community educational offerings for next year

With the official closing of WHS behind us we must look at moving forward. Our initial hope laid with the Vancouver School Board offering us a space for the upcoming school year. Unfortunately, not even with the amazing leadership of Trish and Helen could they be convinced.

Now what? Here are opportunities for you to engage in some options already under way. Please save the date for these upcoming meetings and see more info below.

  • Thursday, July 4, 7:30 pm – K-9 DL @The Thistle (#260-975 Vernon Drive, Vancouver)
  • Monday, July 8, 7 pm – High School (12+) DL @ location TBA

Grades K-9

We’ve been speaking on the need to collaborate and possibly join together to create a more solid, multi-age (K-Gr.9) group. Why? We’re concerned that having numerous small pods makes it difficult to sustain any of these DLs, so we’re hoping that by joining together we can create stability and the reassurance of something solid for all of us. We hope to create a DL large enough to pool our resources and provide something with a solid schedule, one that has wonderful outdoor options and also has options for kids who prefer maker space or indoor activities. We would also like to work our scheduling around a farm day and the theatre program, as we know many are interested in those opportunities. We hope to preserve the multi-age learning that has been so beneficial to our kids, and also have some splitting into smaller groups for age appropriate activities. We’d like to host an info and collaboration session so we can all come together to alleviate these mutual concerns and find reassurance, in order to create a stable DL for our families.

The next meeting will be Thursday, July 4, 7:30 pm at the Thistle (#260-975 Vernon Drive, Vancouver). Childcare is available: please sign up here.


High school (12+)

Behind the scenes there have been busy groups of families piecing together educational opportunities offered through Island Discovery Learning Centre (IDLC). The high school DL (ages 12+) will be offering academic courses on Tuesday and Wednesday each week. We currently have one face-to-face day guaranteed with a teacher but as enrolment increases so will the teachers classroom presence. We would also like to work our scheduling around the theatre program, and outdoor trips, as we know many are interested in those opportunities.

The next meeting will be Monday, July 8, 7:00 pm – location TBA.

Website: under construction


For more information, contact Tanya by email or call (604) 908-0907.

By: Tanya N.

Trip to LEGO exhibit in Surrey

Jason and I will be leading a field trip to the Museum of Surrey (in Cloverdale) on Wednesday, June 19. We will leave Woodland park at 9:30 am and return to Woodland park around 2:30pm. Jason or I will stay at the park till 2:30pm for pick up if we get back from Surrey early.

I will post more details on the Week at a Glance if I have any.

There is grassy space around the museum and an inside sitting area for rain where we can eat snacks and lunch, so pack what you need.

Entry to the Museum is free. Donations are welcome. No specific amount.

LEGO permission form

By: David G

WH committed sign ups, May 27 to June 21

Please read before signing up!

We have the last four weeks of sign-ups ready to go, May 27 – June 21

Please do sign up for the location you will be attending each day. Please do remove your name when you are not going to attend a location you are signed up for.

You can sign up for two Forest & Beach days if you’d like to attend both days.

The Forest an Beach program is back at Whey-ah-Wichen/Cates Park. If less than 10 students sign up for Forest and Beach, the group (staff/students/bus) will go to the Cottage for the day instead of the planned location. This will help balance staffing levels. An outdoor portion of the day will still be offered if there are enough students who want to go outside so send your students prepared for outdoor play.

Access to committed sign-ups will be changed to view only at 1 pm on Thursday, May 23 so that students can be pre-loaded to the next set of space sign-ups. Remember, committed sign-ups are meant for families that have little/no flexibility in their schedule and need their child to stick with their choices even if better options come up once the sign-up goes live.

May 27 to June 21 committed sign ups (5 to 7 year olds only)

Regular online sign-ups for May 27 to June 21 will be available at Week at a Glance & Sign-Up  on Friday, May 24 at 10 am.

By: Jennifer

SEEC trip, April 30

SEEC trip leaves on April 30 at 3:30 pm from East Van and returns on May 1 at 8 pm.

Cost is $30

Subsidy available. We want everyone to come!

16 spots available on the bus/10 students signed up. Email Meghan if you want to come.

This trip is for students, aged 13 and up, interested in checking out the SEEC high school program, including off the grid cabins, challenge outdoor games, cooking over a wood stove, camp fires, hikes in the woods, frisbee golf, and a chance to meet current SEEC students.

By: Meghan


  • Feb 22, Parent as Coach workshop (Thistle), 7 pm
  • Feb 24, Newsies (Revue Stage), 2 pm & 7 pm
  • Feb 25 – 28, Conference week
  • Feb 26, PAC Exec meeting (Thistle), 7 pm
  • Mar 1, Pro D day (No school)
  • Mar 4, Tea with Helen (Pod), 10:30 am
  • Mar 5, Kindergarten hearing & vision screening (Cottage), 1 pm
  • Mar 5, Mandatory PAC meeting (Revue Stage), 7 pm
  • Mar 13 – 14, Ski/snowshoe (Whistler Olympic Park)

Conference week, Nov 26-30

Please Sign Up Now! Next week is conference week.

TO SIGN UP for your conference: please visit If you are unsure of who your advisor teacher is you will find the Advisor list on this page. Once you find your Advisor Teachers name there is a link to your advisor’s appointment calendar. Please sign up for a conference time for each child in your family. Conferences are for both students and their adults to attend. If you have any questions about which advisor you are with, please contact Meghan.

Here is what to expect in your conferences:

During the course of your conference, you will do the following:
Talk about whatever artifacts have been brought in (see below);
Look at the WH Staff Blog to get a sense of the student’s participation in school-based activities;
Create a learning path both reflecting on and planning your learning at WH and in the rest of your life;
Talk about portfolios and what portfolio assessment looks like at WH;
Finish any paperwork you have not handed in.

Please start your conference by asking for what you need and want from a conference. You should leave a conference with a clear idea of what your child is learning at school and in their lives. Ask for language to be able to articulate this and for next steps in supporting your child at school and home in their learning. Learning in all areas. Literacy, numeracy, communication, critical thinking, creative thinking and innovation, personal responsibility, and social responsibility, just to name a few.


1. A book you are currently reading or are having read to you, or any other texts that you enjoy reading or looking through (e.g. Lego manuals, crochet patterns, menus, pictures of signs and other things in our surroundings that you’re curious about);
2. A sample of something you have written, copied, drawn, painted, etc., whether handmade or digital, or text that someone has scribed for you;
3. An example of how you use numbers and patterns in your life (e.g. cooking, building, measuring, collecting, sewing, using money) and/or any formal math you have done in a math workbook.


Getting feedback on courses in order to complete them is essential. This conference will be a time to reflect on the courses and activities you have been engaged in so far this year. Bring any evidence of your learning that has not already been shared with the teachers of the courses you are involved in. During your conference you will read over feedback sheets. You also need your DPA sheets or get a new one to fill out. You should be able to leave a conference with a clear idea of what is expected to be up to date in the courses the student is enrolled in and whether to add or drop courses. A course outline should accompany a feedback sheet or be online at

If a student wants to know their percentage in a high school course they will need to speak directly with the teacher who offers that course.

Reminder: If you have outstanding TES donations, please bring your cheque book to your conference.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at conference week!

Please keep in mind that the only activities offered at school during conference week are conferences, unless you have worked something else out with Meghan. If you find conference week a hardship in any way please contact Meghan.

By: Jennifer


  • Apr 6, Parent tea (Pemberton Cottage), 10:30 a.m.
  • Apr 25, TES meeting (see calendar), 7:30 p.m.
  • Apr 26, Numeracy workshop (Pemberton Cottage), 7 p.m.
  • Apr 27, Professional development day (no school)
  • May 3, Cottage performance (Revue Theatre), 7 p.m.
  • May 8-18, Beauty Vs Beast (Revue Theatre)

MESS: Last chance to sign up

MESS on January 18, 10:30 a.m. at Granville Island. 20 tickets booked. Parents and students welcome.  $11 dollars each or ask subsidy if you need it.

This is an amazing show about Anorexia and it has many awards and is appropriate for students age 11 and up. We need to confirm the numbers for this show this week. Please sign the permission slip on line and then I will know you are coming. If parents can come please email David directly at

Online Permission form:

Caroline Horton and Co and China Plate present


By Caroline Horton


Josephine is putting on a play – Boris and Sistahl help. It’s about anorexia. But don’t let that put you off. Unflinchingly they confront big issues (and extremely tiny ones). Today they will tackle a particularly thin elephant in the room. Obsession, addiction and not wanting to get out of bed: a play with songs from 2013 Olivier Award nominated Caroline Horton (You’re Not Like Other Girls Chrissy).

The story of Mess
Mess premiered at the Traverse Theatre during the 2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The show played to sold-out audiences and received 5 star reviews from ThreeWeeks and Broadway Baby, 4 star reviews from Financial Times, The Herald, Time Out, Metro and Evening Standard and was featured in articles and blogs in The Guardian, The List, Fest and The Scotsman. The show was a Stage ‘Pick of the Fringe’ and won the Stage Award for Best Ensemble.

The show embarked on an eight-week tour in April 2013 to Bristol Old Vic, Warwick Arts Centre, Live, ARC, Parabola Arts Centre, The Nightingale Theatre (as part of Brighton Fringe), Octagon Theatre, Lincoln Arts Centre, Cornerstone, The Theatre (Chipping Norton), the egg, Jersey Arts Centre, New Wolsey Theatre (as part of Pulse Fringe Festival) and finished with a 3-week run at BAC to sold-out audiences. The show was nominated for an OFFIE award for best new play following the tour.

Acutely aware of the ethical concerns of creating work about mental illness, Caroline collaborated closely with experts from Ethox, Beat, the Maudsley Hospital and King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry in both the study and treatment of anorexia and the ethical issues surrounding it.

By: Meghan

Rehearsal/sign-up for 9- to 19-year-olds, Sept 20

Reminder of the the 9- to 19-year-olds’ rehearsal on Tuesday Sept 20th.
Where: Ukrainian Hall. 9:30 to 3:30.

We have both Bear and Art from the Agile Learning Centers to help with this process. I am open to suggestions on how to make this go well.

This is where students will be able to sign up for the next two weeks (maybe three) of school activities and spaces. Online booking is not yet ready but maybe at this session. Either way we will physically go through the choices to make sure we have space for the students who want each choice.

If your child is in the middle of age/stages (9ish) and they don’t want to come to this rehearsal additions to the sign up can be made through Meghan if there is space after the rehearsal day.

It will not take all day and students who are old enough to leave on their own may choose to go when we are done. We will hang out and go to the park for breaks, and once we are done.

Please bring a big lunch and snacks. Any fun games or toys from home could be great once we are done. We do not have the basement space and there will be seniors from the Ukrainian Hall who will be downstairs. So far the weather looks good and we can go to the park to run off energy.

We are working on developing an online booking system. In the meantime we will be using the same system as last week. The sign-ups that take place at the rehearsals will be recorded and added to a Google Spreadsheet. You can view these on the Week at a Glance page (also linked in top navigation menu on the home page). The spreadsheet is read-only. To request a change or to cancel a reserved spot, please email Meghan or Nicole.

By: Meghan

Letters in support of WH

Wow this has been a fun week for the children. Meeting new children, having exciting classes, exploring the farm, great stuff. It seems like this could go on forever like this and I bet there are some children who could do this routine forever and bee ready for more come the summer.

But I feel that we will need a central location and that we can support WH in accomplishing this with showing our support by writing letters for the VSB to review and get a sense of what and who we are as a community and how we benefit any area that we are in.

Here’s the link to my letter and hopefully it will get your writing juices flowing:

I look forward to hearing from you. Your supportive words and stories can do so much.

By: Katherine M.

Note from Meghan: I think that letters that focus on exactly what it is about our democratic school that serves your child and family would be the most helpful. We would like to be able to demonstrate the unique nature of our school and how we are not competing with Vancouver schools. Any letters that highlight the many aspects of what WH has to offer to families that is not replicated in other schools or districts could be helpful.