WH move and change worparties

I am a little scared to post this, but here goes. TES has recruited me to manage the packing and movement of the Organizations many possessions, along with the shuffles of items from building to building as we pack up WH and prepare for something new.

Big changes are in the wind for Windsor House and that will mean a lot of work. While we don’t yet know which spaces will be closed to our community, what new space might open, and what resources will be needed in which spaces, it’s time to get started.

In the past three years that WH has been on the drift without a full and solid home, I have been continually delighted by all the people who show up to get the work done. Thank You! And here we go again.

On Sunday, June 23, I will host a Pod Clean up work party from 1-5 pm. I am open to other hours if people are available different hours.

What’s needed:
People to furiously wield brooms
Help sorting toys and equipment
General cleaning
Vehicles to take away recycling and non-useful stuff later in the day/week.

Call, text or email me (David) for more info. 604-710-5346

Please Register here (so I can send you updates if needed). I will keep a running list for all work parties, and there will be lots! (sorry that sounds scary, but it’s true.)

Work party registration

By: David G

Important Alice Lake information

If you are planning to drive to Alice Lake, please ensure that you have completed your Volunteer Driver Application for this school year. This process includes completing the WH volunteer driver application form and attaching a copy of your insurance, driver’s licence, and current driving record.

Here is a link for those who still need to complete this process:

Volunteer Driver Application Form

If you think you may have completed some or all of this process at the beginning of September but are not sure, please email Jennifer (who has a list of everything that has been received this year).


Important: You can drive your own children without completing the volunteer driving process but if you intend to drive any other children you MUST complete this (think of impromptu trips to the store or to pick up wood and day trips to hiking spots…..you cannot take anyone in your car if you don’t complete the volunteer driver process ).

We need to have all of the paperwork in and complete by Wednesday, June 5.

By: Jennifer

VSB meeting, June 5

Correction to time of VSB meeting!

The June 5 VSB meeting starts at 6:30 pm (not 7)! Please tell everyone you know to come out in support!

A group of parents have come together to work on finding a home for the WH community in the Vancouver School Board. Please join us! Email me (Trish) to get added to the email group f or updates and organizing activities.

The meeting to organize our VSB presentation is coming up so join the email list for the confirmed date.

By: Trish

Pub night fundraiser at Strange Fellows Brewing, May 7

WH’s First Pub Night! Help send students of WHS to Flying U Ranch. We need to sell at least 30 tickets, so please share and invite your friends!

With a ticket purchase you get ONE FREE BEER, APPETIZERS AND 50% OF YOUR FIRST BEER PURCHASED! Spend a night out while supporting a great cause!

Tickets are $25 and can be ordered through eventbrite


By: Jennifer B

PAC mandatory meeting notes, April 4

WHS PAC mandatory meeting, Apr 4, 2019

(taken by DJ M)

Introduction and acknowledgement of:

Jennifer B
Helen H – who said she is broken-hearted but hopeful
SD 64 Representatives including Scott B(Supt)
SD 64 Board Chair, Rob P
(I have the pages that people signed as they came into the mtg)
Meghan C

Scott acknowledged that he’d receive 58 letters from students, family, and alumni of WHS;

Final motion to close the school will occur May 13/19 – most likely to go through

Meghan C encouraged everyone to fill out the Learning Survey for the ministry of education before April 15th.

Meghan also announced that she has resigned as principal from SD 64’

SD 64 will advocate for us in any applications we make to other SDs

Scott Announced that a decision this week by VSB is not to take on WHS as a numbered school (i.e. – as WHS currently operates)

Rob encouraged us to speak to elected trustees if we want to further pursue VSB

Reason for closing WHS because of the expenses for a small district spread over 5 islands plus Vancouver is more than it first seems because there are additional costs for transportation, administration and coordination, a small staff and financial resources that don’t extend to Vancouver

In June 2018 MC explained the deficit situation at SD 64, clarity of fiscal position was more clear in January than it was last Sept; the provincial financial model they were expecting didn’t go through (which might have given SD 64 more options)

As to WHS approaching other districts in the lower mainland, Rob said that other districts are approaching capacity

Question about SD 64 supporting us through a DL model but answer was that SD 64 isn’t a DL model district

Question if SD can support WHS as a Specialty Academy
Scott and Rob said they’d gather info and let us know

Questions about what other options are available for schooling next year were referred to the WHS FAQ

Question about what attributes WHS should plug to sell ourselves to other districts

More than 200 students and families and extended families , involvement of community, passion for learning, curiosity

For families that have missed deadlines for registrations Scott can talk to supt of school board where people are registering, to advocate for our students to be considered for the school/program

MC said that when NV closed us we rallied and arose in a different form and she thinks now we’re going to have lots of little WHS’s which she thought would actually be better because the size of WHS now is unwieldy.

Meeting finished around 10 pm

By: DJ

High school student/parent meeting

I would like to offer a space to bring our families (guardians and/or students) together to discuss a future vision for the high school students of Windsor House. These ideas will then inform the goals which will define our next steps.

Student input is essential in this process and I encourage all students to attend and contribute.

When: 7 pm Friday, April 12, 2019
Where: The Thistle

Hope to see you on Friday.

By: Tanya (Hansen’s mom)

Conference week, Feb 25-28

Please Sign Up Now!

TO SIGN UP for your conference: please visit mywhs.ca/conferences. If you are unsure of who your advisor teacher is you will find the Advisor list on this page. Once you find your Advisor teacher’s name, there is a link to your advisor’s appointment calendar. Please sign up for a conference time for each child in your family. Conferences are for both students and their adults to attend. If you have any questions about which advisor you are with, please contact Meghan.


During the course of your conference, you will do the following:
Talk about whatever artifacts have been brought in (see below);
Look at the WH Staff Blog to get a sense of the student’s participation in school-based activities;
Create a learning path both reflecting on and planning your learning at WH and in the rest of your life;
Talk about portfolios and what portfolio assessment looks like at WH;
Finish any paperwork you have not handed in.

Please start your conference by asking for what you need and want from a conference. You should leave a conference with a clear idea of what your child is learning at school and in their lives. Ask for language to be able to articulate this and for next steps in supporting your child at school and home in their learning. Learning in all areas. Literacy, numeracy, communication, critical thinking, creative thinking and innovation, personal responsibility, and social responsibility, just to name a few.


1. A book you are currently reading or are having read to you, or any other texts that you enjoy reading or looking through (e.g. Lego manuals, crochet patterns, menus, pictures of signs and other things in our surroundings that you’re curious about);
2. A sample of something you have written, copied, drawn, painted, etc., whether handmade or digital, or text that someone has scribed for you;
3. An example of how you use numbers and patterns in your life (e.g. cooking, building, measuring, collecting, sewing, using money) and/or any formal math you have done in a math workbook.


Getting feedback on courses in order to complete them is essential. This conference will be a time to reflect on the courses and activities you have been engaged in so far this year. Bring any evidence of your learning that has not already been shared with the teachers of the courses you are involved in. During your conference you will read over feedback sheets. You also need your DPA sheets or get a new one to fill out. You should be able to leave a conference with a clear idea of what is expected to be up to date in the courses the student is enrolled in and whether to add or drop courses. A course outline should accompany a feedback sheet or be online at mywhs.ca.

If a student wants to know their percentage in a high school course they will need to speak directly with the teacher who offers that course.

Reminder: If you have outstanding TES donations, please bring your cheque book to your conference.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at conference week!

Please keep in mind that the only activities offered at school during conference week are conferences, unless you have worked something else out with Meghan. If you find conference week a hardship in any way please contact Meghan.

By: Jennifer

Mandatory PAC meeting, March 5

The next WH mandatory PAC meeting is on March 5 at 7 pm at the Revue Stage (Granville Island). Save the date!  We ask that a member/representative from every WH family attend the mandatory meetings (usually 3 each school year).

The next PAC exec meeting is on Feb 26 at 7 pm at the Thistle. All WH parents/guardians are invited to attend the PAC exec meetings (only Exec vote). If you have any questions contact Jennifer B (PAC chair).

By: Jennifer

Flying U Trip

We have enough deposits to secure the trip to the Flying U for WH families and students May 27 – 31! Yee haw!

If you are interested to in coming, please get your $100 deposit to Laura L.

Unfortunately this trip cannot be subsidized, but we are still brainstorming ideas about how to fund-raise for it. Please join us at the upcoming g fundraising meeting next week!

They will give a full refund 30 days before the trip if you decide you cannot make it for some reason. You just have to let them know by April the 27th.

Cost is $575 for students $424 chaperones (up to 30 kids = 1 free chaperone / 40 kids = 2 free chaperones / 60 kids = 3 free chaperones. ($100/person deposit paid in advance, the remainder paid 30 days before)

Kids 8 years old and under must have an adult chaperone/sponsor.


Do you and your kids love horses and horseback riding? Ellen and I have arranged a trip to The Flying U horse ranch May 27th to the 31st.

The Flying U ranch is located at 5947 Green Lake North Rd, 70 mile house. It’s about a 4.5 hour drive from Vancouver.

The smallest group that they have accommodated is 14 kids / 2 chaperones. The biggest they can accommodate is 60 including chaperones. So far we have about 30 kids expressing interest in going.

The typical week (Monday-Friday) looks like this:

Monday Group arrives in the afternoon and split into groups. They then get free time and depending on the weather there is waterfront open for swimming or exploring the grounds.

Tuesday 2 groups split 1 rides one does a nature walk or canoe lessons then they switch.

Wednesday Same as Tuesday but the morning riders from the day before ride now 2nd in the afternoon then they switch.

Thursday Finale Day 1/2 group rides / 1/2 gets driven to a barrel racing ring. Everyone learns to barrel race and then they compete for a prize. Then they switch and 1/2 group rides back The final evening there is a talent show and then awards.

Friday goodbye day. Groom horses, say goodbye.

Other things that are there is a weekly hay ride, a movie theatre, games room, dance hall, archery, yoga, fishing, wood burning sauna, fire pit, horseshoes, and a motor boat that the owner does tubing everyday at 2pm.

This cost includes all meals, lodging, horses and activities. All of the horseback riding for the kids will be guided. Adults are able to ride unguided. Kids under 8 and not comfortable on a horse will have to be led by an adult chaperone or sponsor. (There are little / med sized cabins / houses on the property) We can decide as a group as to who sleeps where. Typically they just split up the boys and girls in school groups, but if you are coming as a family, then you can stay as a family.

You can see pictures and find out more info about the ranch here: http://www.flyingu.com/the-ranch

By: Laura

Whistler Olympic Park, trip meeting

We are calling an evening meeting for all participants and their parents for the Whistler snow trips with Jason and Ellen. Meet at the Thistle on Wednesday, February 6 from 7:30 to 8:30 pm.

This meeting is to go over all of the trip details, and sign out equipment for students who need it. All questions about itinerary, and experience level  of the trip, will be discussed.

If you can’t make this pre-trip meeting on Feb 6 for the Feb 20/21 trip and the March 13/14 trip please contact Ellen to make alternate arrangements.

We will need each family to have some sort of pre-trip meeting to make sure students are equipped adequately and that all of the important details are clear.

There is still room to sign up for both trips!  Please sign up at Whistler Olympic Park (dates and activities).

By: Meghan