Outdoor and Maker Space DL

New Outdoor and Maker Space Distance Learning (DL) Program through Island Discovery

Will feature outdoor learning, including overnight trips with relevant on-the-spot science, social, cultural, and arts lessons and discussions.

Supplementary lessons building on the outdoor experience through face-to-face programming could include science potions lab, raising chicks and tadpoles, and more

Personalized project planning, guidance, and implementation emanating from the outdoor activities that build on the individual child’s interests, passions, and aptitudes

The Island Discovery Learning Centre (IDLC), operating under the Powell River School District, is developing this distributed learning pod (for grades 4-9 approximately), opening it up in September 2019.

We will be working with a science and outdoor leadership teacher.

Enrollment is open now and we welcome those who wish to supplement a home-schooling experience. The plan is to have an average of two days per week of in-class programming (variable depending on field trips), and dependent on the number of students enrolled.

To register, use the link below to enroll and in the drop-down menu select the “WH Pods” option:

Island Discovery registration

Any further questions, please contact Jennifer B  OR DJ M

By: DJ

VSB Meeting – Trustees will vote!

We need a big turnout! The VSB will be voting on a motion to set up a Democratic School using the WH model.

It is high time that Vancouver offered a democratic model school of choice. This is our big chance to show them that many people care about this.

The meeting will be on June 24th, at the Vancouver School Board Building at 1580 West Broadway (at Fir). The time is 7 pm.

There is free parking on the third level down (anywhere on that level after 6:00) and be sure to sign in to a book that is on a counter in the hall just beyond the main desk.

Please please come. If ever we needed you, we need you now.

By: Helen H

English 12 Provincial Exam, June 24

The English 12 Provincial Exam will take place on Monday June 24 at the Thistle, starting at 9 am sharp and finishing at 12 pm. All students completing English 12 except those doing the Adult Graduation program are required to write the exam. The exam is written online, unless you have requested otherwise. Laptops will be provided.

A study package is available here (please disregard the exam dates noted in the study package – the correct date is Monday June 24th): Study package

By: Andre


  • June 14, Whole school photo (Woodland Park), 9 am
  • June 14, Cabaret (Revue Stage), 6:30 pm
  • June 14, Last day of high school
  • June 21, Last day of elementary school
  • June 24, Whole school leaving picnic (Trout Lake), 3 pm
  • June 25, Grad (Wise Hall), 6 pm

WH Cabaret, June 14

June 14th, Revue Stage
6:30 for concession and social. 7:00 pm for show.

It is really a Showcase so anyone with something they would like to showcase can contact Meghan to see how to fit it in.

Please sign up: Cabaret

All participants need to go to the Revue Stage on June 14th to do a sound check and practice if they are performing live. All films or media must also be tested and displayed during the day to be ready for the evening. Sound check and practice 12-3pm June 14th.Marco and David are setting up sound and lights with the Revue Tech.

Please send  your audio tracks or sound files to David or bring them on the 14th in the afternoon (dgagnon@sd64.org)
Please bring a short introduction of your act to be read by the MC’s Harriet and Brigit. Please have it in large print and easy to read. 

We have many acts already lined up. If you have already signed up at the Thistle or with Meghan please fill in this google document as well. We already have many committed Acts.  And we still have room for a few more!Looking forward to seeing everyone.

By: Meghan

Graduation ceremony and prom event

We are proposing a Graduation Ceremony at the Wise Hall on June 25th, and we are happy to invite all members of our community to join us! There would also be a Prom type dance later in the evening, which will be a student-oriented event. As people may know we will be having a WH Leaving Picnic the day before on June 24th, and that will be a more general goodbye to WH, but this event will focus on seeing the Grads off.

The Graduation Ceremony will start at 6:00, the doors will be opened at 5:30.
There will be tickets available at the door by donation. The suggested donation is $10-$20 but nobody will be turned away. Before the dance starts we will have a potluck type dinner, please see sign-up sheet below if you want to bring something.

The Prom will start later in the evening at 7:30, and it will be a fun opportunity to have an all-ages dance. We ask that kids under 7 be fully accompanied by an adult, as there will be no babysitting provided.

From 9:30 onward (to about 12:00) we are asking that the dance become a high school oriented event and that families and younger kids head out.

Here are the sign-up sheets for Grad and Prom, if you plan to attend please put your name down, as well as the names of people you are bringing. If people are going to both the grad and the dance they must sign up on both sheets.

Sign up for the Graduation Celebration

Sign up for the Prom

Sign up to bring something to the potluck:

By: Brigit S

Two different “Leaving Ceremonies”

Normally, at the end of the year, WH holds a leaving ceremony for any students who are moving on from WH (from the small to the tall). Special attention gets paid to the students who would normally be graduating (or of graduation age). This year, with the impending closure, we have decided to hold two different events.

On Monday, June 24, from 4 to 8 pm, we will have a “Leaving Acknowledgement” event at the Trout lake covered area. During this event, we will acknowledge that EVERYBODY is moving on to new horizons, and we can give all students a chance to “graduate” (i.e. get name called out, get a certificate,etc.). Due to large numbers, this event won’t have speeches for leaving students.

On Tuesday, June 25 at the WISE Hall (tentatively booked), we will have our Graduation Leaving Ceremony. It will go from 5:30 to around 9 or 10 pm. The grad students are hoping to have a dance, as part of this event. In addition, they want people to dress up a little bit, if they wish… in order to add to the atmosphere. In this event, we will acknowledge the students who are officially graduating or moving on from Grade 12 to other paths. Students will have a few words spoken about them, and some students may choose to say a few words about their experiences at WH. There would also be some recognition of staff who were going to retire this year. Many families love this event, as you get to hear tributes to some of your most favourite people… and you get to send them off into the world. Sadly, this event may be the last big WH event, so it will be especially poignant this time around.

By: Kelley

Trip to LEGO exhibit in Surrey

Jason and I will be leading a field trip to the Museum of Surrey (in Cloverdale) on Wednesday, June 19. We will leave Woodland park at 9:30 am and return to Woodland park around 2:30pm. Jason or I will stay at the park till 2:30pm for pick up if we get back from Surrey early.

I will post more details on the Week at a Glance if I have any.

There is grassy space around the museum and an inside sitting area for rain where we can eat snacks and lunch, so pack what you need.

Entry to the Museum is free. Donations are welcome. No specific amount.

LEGO permission form

By: David G

Whey-ah-wichen fire

June 17 and 18

Families are welcome to join us at the Forest and Beach program for our year end celebration with a camp fire building component!

Please bring your own food (or send food with your child) that can be cooked over the fire. We will be learning campfire safety and experiencing building our own fires, trying methods other than lighting a match (bow drill, flints and magnify glasses).

Please bring fire wood if you have any. Also bring a roasting stick (if you have some), we can’t cut live branches from the forest. Monday looks full already, but we are doing the same activity on Tuesday, so sign up for that day if you want to join us! (Sign up on WH Week at a Glance: June 18th).

We would really appreciate if at least one family each day, could offer to bring bannock ready to cook (we have some sturdy sticks to use to roast the dough over the fire). Please let Brittany know for Monday and Heather for Tuesday, if you can bring dough to share.

By: Brittany W

Graduation Numeracy Assessment

For the new Graduation Program (students born in 2001 and later), students will need to write the Graduation Numeracy Assessment before they can officially graduate. It is recommended that Grade 10’s and 11″s seriously consider writing the test this year , as well. By writing the exam now, it allows you to rewrite it if you bomb the test. Grade 12’s born in 2001 or later need to do the test this month, or delay their graduation.

The test will happen on Tuesday, June 25 at 12 pm.

If you have questions, see Kelley. Kelley can go through sample exams upon request. Although high school is over this Friday, June 14, you can attend next Wednesday, Thursday or Friday to try your hand at a practice exam with staff support.

By: Kelley C

Promoting our High School DL Pod

We have created the promotional article below about the new high school DL pod starting in September, with the goal of promoting this option to homelearners and other high school students who may be looking for an alternative option. We welcome any support in promoting this option to your respective communities and networks. Feel free to share far and wide!

New High School DL Classroom program
Are you the parent of a home learning high school student or traditional high school student interested in an alternative approach to education:

– face-to-face programming a couple days per week?
– alternative approaches to learning? Seminars and project-based, integrated courses to provide multiple academic credits and reduce redundancy and busy-work?
– working towards their Dogwood diploma?
– being part of a community of learners?

Island Discovery, working with families previously enrolled at Windsor House, is developing a new high school distributed learning pod (grades 8-12) for September 2019. Enrollment is open now and we welcome all high schoolers. The plan is to have two days per week of in-class programming. The tentative location is the Mergatroid Building in East Van (975 Vernon Drive).

Want to learn more? Contact Pat.

Interested in enrolling? Use the link below and select the “WH Pods” option:


By: Gloria F

WH Pods with spaces for students

This Google Sheet lists 6 WH Pods with Space for more DL students: WH Pods

Please check this out if:
* You signed up for Island Discovery and do not yet have a Pod.
* You are thinking about signing up for Island Discovery next school year and want to know more about Pods.
* You aren’t ready to commit to homeschooling, but you’d like to connect with a Pod for now and see how it goes.
* You are curious what Pods are out there.

Feel free to share the Google Sheet with anyone who wants more information on WH pods.

Email Shanaya if you have any questions

By: Shanaya N

VSB meeting with staff

I just got a reply from Mette Hamaguchi:

Good Morning Helen,
My name is Mette Hamaguchi and I am the Director of Instruction, Learning Services. I am responsible for the Learning Services Team that support students with diverse abilities in our District. Our team will be available to provide you with a presentation of the services available to students with diverse learning needs. Two of the District Principals, Dave Platt, Doug Matear and I have made arrangements to meet with any interested parents on June 19 at 6 pm at the Vancouver School Board, Room 120. The format will include a power point presentation, information regarding our Learning Services website and an opportunity to ask questions about our current services. In addition, we will have contact information for parents that are needing to speak with a Case Manager regarding special class placement options, specific to their child’s needs.

In advance of the meeting, here is the link to our Student Support website: https://www.vsb.bc.ca/Student_Support/Learning_Support_Services/Pages/default.aspx

Please be clear, this is not a meeting to discuss establishing a Mini School or Academy, but to meet with parents to share the current services available for students with diverse needs. Please extend this invitation to parents in the WH community who have children with diverse needs.

By: Helen H

Meeting with VSB staff

I’m delighted to see that some of you have found places within the VSB. For those of you who haven’t:
Trustee Carmen Cho has offered “an evening information session for any WH families – this would include having staff available to discuss opportunities within the VSB that might meet the needs of your children.”

At first we were disappointed in that it seems to imply that the VSB thinks they have programs that will serve all of our children. Then I saw it as an opportunity for us to ask them questions that might put that idea to rest! Such questions could be, “How will my child learn to work collaboratively in this environment, will I be able to be involved as a family member, and is there multi-age grouping? Is attendance important, and is the time of arrival important? Is there a clothing code? How are race, gender, class, neuro-diverse, motor-ablility, trans, (add more here) concerns addressed? Is there unwanted competition in age cohorts? Is PE mandatory? May children address adults by their first names? And so on.

We might even find some excellent placements for some of our children.

If you are interested in joining me in this exercise, please let me know (Helen).

By: Helen H