No-Shoes License

If you want to be shoeless at WHS, see Meghan for a license. Part of having a license means bringing a pair of shoes to the emergency shoe bin (in front office) in case we need to vacate the building when you are shoeless. Donations of back-up Crocs welcome.

Callback Volunteer Needed

We are looking for a parent or two willing to do call backs.
What this means: Coming in one or two regular days a week between 9:45 and 10:30, checking to see that the kids who travel to WHS on their own have arrived and signed in, and “calling back” the families of children who are not yet signed in.

If you are interested in volunteering for this job, or having more information about getting on or off the callback list contact Sam.

Harvest Soup in the Cottage

All students are welcome to bring a vegetable tomorrow, to contribute to our Harvest Soup….in celebration of Thanksgiving, fall and the harvest season. I will be working with the students in the Cottage to cut up vegetables in the morning, then we will finish cooking the soup in a pumpkin, and will serve it to all who are interested in trying the soup. I would like any parents who are able to help with this project, to come to the Cottage tomorrow AM. I hope you can send a potato, carrot, yam, onion, turnip, parsnip, or other winter vegetable that would work in the soup, with your child tomorrow. Sorry for the late notice. I will bring some veggies too.

Thank you,

Bus Attendance Procedure

Parents of bus users take note:

If your child does not get on the bus in the morning, they are not marked onto the bus attendance, and no one will be looking for them in the afternoon. If you are bringing your child in later and need staff to ensure they are on the bus in the afternoon, please sign them in on the Bus attendance, as well as signing in on the main sign in sheets.

Similarly, if you are taking your child home early, please sign them out on the bus sheet as well as signing out on the main sheets.

The bus sheet is currently in the office, but will be posted near the main sign in sheets soon.


Volunteers Urgently Needed to Answer Phones

People are urgently needed to help out answering phones in the office during all school hours over the next four school days. (Thur., Sept. 28; Fri., Sept. 29; Mon., Oct. 3; and Tues., Oct. 4).

Meghan and Sam are working on a project that has strict deadlines and affects our funding, so reducing their interruptions is top priority.

If you can help out for any amount of time, please contact Dorothy ASAP on her cell at 604-862-4016.

School Council 9.22.11

The following items went through School Council this week:


Date: September 22, 2011

Be it resolved that (BIRT) anyone who wants to go without their shoes in the school can apply for a license.

To be licensed, you must bring in a spare pair of shoes & socks (labeled with your name in a large ziplock) which will be kept in an “Earthquake/Fire Drill” bin near front door.

Some rooms and activities will require shoes. It will be up to the sponsor. The kitchen and hammer and nail class are “shoes on” activities.

Meghan will manage the "shoes off" licensing.

It was also suggested (by Jason) that everyone in the community look to donate old crocs for a general box of spare shoes for use during fire drills. “Box of crocs”.

Vote (for/against/abstain) 11/0/0

Date: September 22, 2011

BIRT all rooms be left unlocked (with the exception of the BMR, Band Room, small Kitchen, and the computer lock up room, and the offices when necessary) .

Re:  Community Room
Everyone should bring their own set of dishes labeled with their name and kept in their locker.

Dishes to be locked up and can only be borrowed with collateral. Especially for the small kitchen dishes. (not your shoes unless you have a no a shoes license).

Vote (for/against/abstain) 11/0/1

Date: September 22, 2011
Proposed by: Ivan, Kynan W., Jake, Isaac B., Rowan W.S., Nic, Cam

BIRT we take over the community room.

  • If you don’t do dishes then you are kicked out for one week and you will need to re-apply for a license.  If you do it a second time, you are banned for one month.
  • Meetings are at 11:45 on Fridays for ½ an hour. You must come to the meetings ( if you are at school and free). If you miss three meetings you will be kicked off of the council.
  • Licensed members only need to attend council meetings if they want to be on the council.
  • Members must have the room/dishes clean at or before the end of the day.

Reason: We need a room to ourselves. We would also like to take the brown couch from the old teen room. Sen has agreed to wash leftover dishes. There will be consequences for continued failure to do so.

RESOLUTIONS PROPOSED (to be voted on at next meeting)

Date: September 22, 2011
Proposed by: Ivan, Jake, Cam, Kynan W.

BIRT that there will be a rule called the “being bloody stupid act”. You are not allowed to be bloody stupid (there is no punishment). You can just say stuff like “well, I’m pretty sure that breaks the being bloody stupid act into pieces." (If feelings are hurt we are willing to resolve.)

Reason: So people know when they have been bloody stupid.


Where we want computers to go when we get Internet:


  1. Sam’s desk
  2. Library (with barcode scanner)
  3. Flying Pig (for programming)
  4. Art Room


  • 4 in the Flying Pig
  • Art Room

School Council 9.15.11

(to be voted on the week of September 22, 2011)

Proposed by: Kynan W.
Date: September 12, 2011
BIRT (be it resolved that) the room known as Helen’s Office be changed to a new name and new council.
WHY? We need a Teen Room that’s not with the guys from the Flying Pig.

Proposed by: Kynan W.
Date: September 12, 2011
BIRT the brown box across from the Cooking Room (Community Room) become the Resolution Box and the red box be just for complaints.
WHY? So there’s no confusion and it would look and be “Kool”.

Proposed by: Ryan, Tama, Nicky, Joe
Date: September 15, 2011
BIRT the room formally known as the Teen Room become the Flying Pig.
WHY? Because the Flying Pig has become The Other Side and we need quiet for our community.

September 15, 2011

Suggestion that all rooms be left unlocked (with the exception of the BMR, and small kitchen, and the computer lock-up room).

Everyone should bring their own set of dishes labelled with their name and kept in their locker.
Dishes to be locked up and can only be borrowed with collateral.

Some rooms will always require shoes:
-Community Room (Cooking Room)
-Hammer & Nail

Anyone who wants to go without their shoes in the school can apply for a license.

To be licensed, you must bring in a spare pair of shoes & socks (labeled with your name in a large ziplock) which will be kept in an “Earthquake/Fire Drill” bin near front door.

It was also suggested (Jason) that everyone in the community look to donate old crocs for a general box of spare shoes for use during fire drills.

Cottage Parent Meetings

For parents of Cottage users. This Wednesday morning, September 14th, as well as next Wednesday morning, September 21st, there will be a parents’ meeting in the Cottage 10:30-12:00. We are hoping that parents of Cottage children will be excited to come to ONE of these meetings to share first impressions, check in about how it’s going, talk about how to be a parent in the Cottage, and meet other Cottage parents. This is a recommended, not mandatory, meeting.
Note: The Cottage will be open for children during this time.

Give us a call with any questions: 604-903-3366 or email Sam.

If you are unable to attend during the day, but are interested in talking about these things, let us know.

Mandatory Meeting 9.14.11

From PAC co-chair Tina Meyer:
Hello Windsor House Community! Welcome back! We are super duper excited for this new school year to finally be here!! We have lots of new energy, staff and families joining us this year. This week was full of conferences with students, parents and teachers, lots of family photos and even the awesome BBQ.

Please see the attached Agenda for this Wednesday’s Mandatory meeting (September 14) beginning at 6:30 pm.

As well, attached are the minutes from last June’s mandatory meeting. We request that you please take a moment to review them to see if there are any errors and/or omissions and/or amendments… In order to approve them quickly and move on to more exciting business!

Please make sure at least one family member attends this meeting AND also know that there will be child care happening in the cottage if needed 🙂

Looking forward to seeing everyone!


Document links:
PAC Meeting Minutes – June 20, 2011 (please review before meeting)
PAC Meeting Agenda – September 14, 2011

BBQ & Childcare Meeting

Just a reminder that there will be a Welcome Back BBQ to celebrate the start of the new school year and all the other new beginnings. Join us at the school on Friday, September 9 from 5 – 8 pm for a free BBQ. Dinner will be served from 5 to 7 pm.

The East Van Childcare Solutions will also meet at the BBQ to discuss possible childcare options, including coverage for after school, Wednesdays, Pro-Ds, and conference weeks. If you need and/or are able to offer childcare, meet with the group at the BBQ and/or email Devon to add your name to the group.

Welcome Back!

Hello WH School Community,

Yes, we really are a “real school” again.

Welcome back. In many ways we are returning but we are also beginning. It feels like we are starting a new school around here with all of the room changes, new staff, new students, and new school district. It is exhilarating and exhausting (but in a really fun way).

We won’t have a mail-out this year…this email is it and includes important information on conference sign-up, key dates, and the bus. If you feel like you need more information let me know what it is and I will try to get it out to you. Also, please pass this information on to anyone who you think might not be getting it through email.

Thank you everyone for all of the support over this last year. We couldn’t have done this without all of you. Thanks for sticking with us. It is going to be an amazing year.




This is our new community website intended only for members of the WH school community (i.e., not accessed by search engines like Google, and the URL not published or given out beyond community members). Even though the site accessible only to those who already have the link, we use first names only and do not publish the full school name on the site. Any web pages with sensitive information (e.g., bus schedule) will be password-protected. The password was emailed on August 31, but if you did not receive it you can email Carolyn to request it.



We are trying out a new way to book conference times online, which I hope is easier for everyone.

You may notice some changes in advisor groups. That is because some staff have left, some are teaching less, Heather has 9 new kindergarten students, and I am part-time principal. We have tried to put returning students with new staff because brand new students with brand new staff didn’t seem like a good idea. If you are with Staff Person A or Staff Person B they will be one of the new staff. If you feel like you can’t live with the suggestions here for your advisor group, please email me and I will see what I can do to make it work for you.

Please plan on spending 2 hours at the school when you attend your first conference of the year. The first hour will be your conference where you will receive your paperwork. Upon leaving your conference you will be directed to the “Community Room” where Parent Volunteers will be ready and able to help you get paperwork completed and Parent Participation hours scheduled.



Your child – this is a parent/student/teacher conference with everyone participating. We will have a conversation with you and your child.

Your child’s Care Card number.

  • Cheque book – for Earthquake Kit renewal and post-dated SANE contributions.
  • Address/Phone Book – to complete things like Doctor’s and emergency contacts’ numbers.
  • DayTimer/Planner – We will have sign-up sheets for Work Parties and other volunteer activities, so you can plan and schedule your Parent Participation volunteer hours (12 hours per month on average).
  • Driver’s License and Insurance Papers – if you are willing to be a volunteer driver this year.

Please sign up for your conference by end of day Friday, September 2. Otherwise a staff member will have to get a hold of you over the weekend – and there will be fewer time slots available for you to choose from.

Link to Conference Week information and sign-up forms:



We will have 25 to 35 new students this year. Wow. We will be hiring two more teachers beyond our returning teachers.

I really appreciate how game everyone I’ve talked to has been about supporting new staff and new families coming into the school. Please feel free to jump in and give us a hand if you can. With so many new students and parents completing their intake process during the first week of September 12 to 16, it would be really helpful if any returning parents could be available to make people feel welcome and answer questions and offer support.

Bronwen and Dorothy are co-ordinating parent participation this year (including finding volunteers to help with forms during Conference Week).



There is a Kindergarten Orientation for ALL families with kindergarten-aged kids (even siblings of current students) on Tuesday, September 6, from 9:30 to 10:30. Each kindergarten student will need to have an individual conference as well (see “Conference Week” above).



September 5, 10 am to 4 pm, Work Party with Helen

September 6, 9:30 to 10:30 am, Kindergarten Orientation

September 6 to 9, Conference Week (please book online)

September 9, 5 pm to 8 pm, Welcome Back BBQ

September 9, East Van Childcare Solutions Group meeting (at Welcome Back BBQ)

September 12, School and Bus begin!

September 14, 6:30 pm to 9 pm, Mandatory Meeting (please have at least one person from your family attend, childcare is available)

September 23, Pro-D



We have added as many dates as possible to our online Calendar, including conference weeks and Pro-Ds throughout the year.

This is available on our community website at

*This is a public calendar, so if you use Google Calendar and you want to add the WHS Calendar to your personal calendar, you can. Open your own Google Calendar page and in the bottom left corner you will see “Other Calendars” with a fillable box with “Add a friend’s calendar” written inside. Type the email address into that box and the WHS Calendar items will appear in your personal Google Calendar — and remain current even if changes are made. (By the way, please don’t send messages to that email address, as it is not monitored.)



As discussed at our last mandatory meeting, we have adjusted the start and end times to better align staff time with the arrival of the bus. It is a slightly longer day for high school students, but they are better able to make their own way home without the bus if needed.



Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – 9:15 start, 3:30 end (bus leaves at 3:30)

Wednesday –9:15 start, 12:00 end (no bus)


High School

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – 9:15 start, 3:50 end (bus leaves at 3:30)

Wednesday –9:15 start, 12:20 end (no bus)



This bus schedule is password protected. If you did not receive the August 31 email and are a community member, email Carolyn for the password.

Reminder: The bus does not run on Wednesdays



A group of East Van families have been discussing possible childcare options, including coverage for after school, Wednesdays, Pro-Ds, and conference weeks. If you need and/or are able to offer childcare, please email Devon to add your name to the group.

The group will be meeting at the Welcome Back BBQ on September 9. Parents/families who need care, as well as people who would be interested in providing care (including local teens who like to babysit!) are welcome to meet up with us there.