Much Ado About Nothing shows

We invite you to the Granville Island Revue Stage on June 19, 20 and 21 at 7 pm to see Much Ado About Nothing. Shakespeare’s classic comedy is set in the 80s with music, dance, costumes, LOTS of hair and that totally tubular 80s lingo!

Tickets are $5 or by donation at the door.

The show is approximately an hour in length.

By: Malka and Dalia


  • June 7, Whole school photo (Woodland Park), 9 am
  • June 10 – 13, Alice Lake family camping trip
  • June 14, Last day of high school
  • June 21, Last day of elementary school
  • June 24, Whole school leaving picnic (Trout Lake), 3 pm
  • June 25, Grad (Wise Hall), 6 pm

Outdoor leadership, update


A group of families interested in creating an outdoor leadership DL will be meeting on Saturday, June 8 at 1 pm at the Thistle. This program will be aimed at students between grades 3-8 that are interested in nature, science and who are outdoorsy. If you are interested in learning more please come to the meeting or email Jennifer.

By: Jennifer B

Resolution: to book grad dance venue

Be it resolved that $925 dollars be taken from the student council so we can book the Wise Hall for our grad/prom event and to also cover the deposit and taxes.

We want a space where we can dance and celebrate, and the Wise Hall is our best option. We are planning to sell tickets for the event to pay back most of the cost.

Presented by: Brigit S and Harriet D

By: Brigit S

Graduation Ceremony / Prom Event

We are proposing a Graduation Ceremony at the Wise Hall on June 25th, and we are happy to invite all members of our community to join us! There would also be a Prom type dance later in the evening, which will be a student-oriented event. As people may know we will be having a WH Leaving Picnic the day before on June 24th, and that will be a more general goodbye to WH, but this event will focus on seeing the Grads off.

The Graduation Ceremony will start at 6:00, the doors will be opened at 5:30.
There will be tickets available at the door by donation. The suggested donation is $10-$20 but nobody will be turned away. Before the dance starts we will have a potluck type dinner, please see sign-up sheet below if you want to bring something.

The Prom will start later in the evening at 7:30, and it will be a fun opportunity to have an all-ages dance. We ask that kids under 7 be fully accompanied by an adult, as there will be no babysitting provided.

From 9:30 onward (to about 12:00) we are asking that the dance become a high school oriented event and that families and younger kids head out.

Here are the sign-up sheets for Grad and Prom, if you plan to attend please put your name down, as well as the names of people you are bringing. If people are going to both the grad and the dance they must sign up on both sheets.

Sign up for the Graduation Celebration

Sign up for the Prom

Sign up to bring something to the potluck:

By: Brigit S

Save the date!

Monday June 24 is the Leaving acknowledgement ceremony and picnic at Trout Lake.

Time: 3:30 to 7pm

Leaving and acknowledgement ceremony: 5 to 6 pm

More information to come.

By: Jennifer

Summer theatre intensive

Calling all theatre folk for a summer musical theatre intensive! Julia Ullrich and Tiffany Anderson are offering a two week theatre camp in August. Once we have folks committed we will choose the show together (some current options, but open to more, are: Grease, Mamma Mia, Firebringer, and Heathers) and produce an abridged version for a presentation at the end of the second week. It will be co-directed by Julia and Tiffany, though in WH style will hold space for lots of student leadership and engagement in creating their own product.

When: August 5-16th or 12-23rd (depending on what works for the majority)
Where: Granville Island Review Stage
Who: For intermediate to high school aged students
Cost: Sliding scale of $400-$600 for the two week intensive camp
Email Julia with questions.

By: Julia U

Trip to LEGO exhibit in Surrey

Jason and I will be leading a field trip to the Museum of Surrey (in Cloverdale) on Wednesday, June 19. We will leave Woodland park at 9:30 am and return to Woodland park around 2:30pm. Jason or I will stay at the park till 2:30pm for pick up if we get back from Surrey early.

I will post more details on the Week at a Glance if I have any.

There is grassy space around the museum and an inside sitting area for rain where we can eat snacks and lunch, so pack what you need.

Entry to the Museum is free. Donations are welcome. No specific amount.

By: David G

Next high school planning meeting

Planning continues for the WH High School Pod (with Island Discovery DL). Our next meeting – Monday, June 10 at 7pm at the Pod – will focus on teacher selection and we’ll aim to answer questions to the best of our ability. We encourage anyone with children interested in attending a DL (distributed learning) high school program to attend.

By: Pat and Gloria

Whole school photo, June 7

The whole school photo will be taken at Woodland Park between 9 and 9:15 am on Friday, June 7.

All community members are welcome: students, family members and staff.

Buses will leave for the Cottage and Farm after the photo is taken.

NOTE: The Cottage will be closed until 10:15 am so that staff can participate in the photo.

By: Jennifer

Two different “Leaving Ceremonies”

Normally, at the end of the year, WH holds a leaving ceremony for any students who are moving on from WH (from the small to the tall). Special attention gets paid to the students who would normally be graduating (or of graduation age). This year, with the impending closure, we have decided to hold two different events.

On Monday, June 24, from 4 to 8 pm, we will have a “Leaving Acknowledgement” event at the Trout lake covered area. During this event, we will acknowledge that EVERYBODY is moving on to new horizons, and we can give all students a chance to “graduate” (i.e. get name called out, get a certificate,etc.). Due to large numbers, this event won’t have speeches for leaving students.

On Tuesday, June 25 at the WISE Hall (tentatively booked), we will have our Graduation Leaving Ceremony. It will go from 5:30 to around 9 or 10 pm. The grad students are hoping to have a dance, as part of this event. In addition, they want people to dress up a little bit, if they wish… in order to add to the atmosphere. In this event, we will acknowledge the students who are officially graduating or moving on from Grade 12 to other paths. Students will have a few words spoken about them, and some students may choose to say a few words about their experiences at WH. There would also be some recognition of staff who were going to retire this year. Many families love this event, as you get to hear tributes to some of your most favourite people… and you get to send them off into the world. Sadly, this event may be the last big WH event, so it will be especially poignant this time around.

By: Kelley

Important Alice Lake information

If you are planning to drive to Alice Lake, please ensure that you have completed your Volunteer Driver Application for this school year. This process includes completing the WH volunteer driver application form and attaching a copy of your insurance, driver’s licence, and current driving record.

Here is a link for those who still need to complete this process:

Volunteer Driver Application Form

If you think you may have completed some or all of this process at the beginning of September but are not sure, please email Jennifer (who has a list of everything that has been received this year).


Important: You can drive your own children without completing the volunteer driving process but if you intend to drive any other children you MUST complete this (think of impromptu trips to the store or to pick up wood and day trips to hiking spots… cannot take anyone in your car if you don’t complete the volunteer driver process ).

We need to have all of the paperwork in and complete BEFORE you leave for the field trip.

By: Jennifer

Whey-ah-wichen camp fire building

June 17 and 18

Families are welcome to join us at the Forest and Beach program for our year end celebration with a camp fire building component!

Please bring your own food (or send food with your child) that can be cooked over the fire. We will be learning campfire safety and experiencing building our own fires, trying methods other than lighting a match (bow drill, flints and magnify glasses).

Please bring fire wood if you have any. Also bring a roasting stick (if you have some), we can’t cut live branches from the forest. Monday looks full already, but we are doing the same activity on Tuesday, so sign up for that day if you want to join us! (Sign up on WH Week at a Glance: June 18th).

We would really appreciate if at least one family each day, could offer to bring bannock ready to cook (we have some sturdy sticks to use to roast the dough over the fire). Please let Brittany know for Monday and Heather for Tuesday, if you can bring dough to share.

By: Heather K

Alice Lake day trip, June 11

If you are not able to camp, but would like to spend a day at Alice Lake, please join our day trip on Tuesday June 11. The TES bus will be leaving Woodland Park at 9:30 am and will take students up to Alice Lake for the day. Please print and sign the permission form that is attached. Please sign up on WH Bookings for a space on the bus, or drive up with your family! Bring a picnic lunch or food to cook over the camp fire, water, bathing suit, towel and a life jacket if you are planning on swimming (we also have some life jackets available at the lake to borrow). The bus will return to Woodland Park for pick up at 3:30 pm.


By: Heather K

Collaborative DL pod & leadership skill share and support group

Facilitated by Sam & Helen
7 – 9 pm
Saturday, June 8The Learnary: 2643 East Hastings (1 block east of London Drugs, next to Pomegranate)

This is for folks either doing some organizing or thinking about doing some organizing within DL groups or other forms of group childcare and education. We will swap resources, talk about structures, hear from others, talk through challenges, and draw from Helen and Sam’s experiences with collaborative organizing. We will meet once, and if it seems useful, we will meet more times.

Things we might talk about: what are different ways leadership can look like within a group, how are decisions made, developing structures to suit the needs of the group, sharing resources across groups, and so much more.

This is for WH folks, including those in the intake process.

The Learnary space is divided into 2 rooms. it supports kids who can enjoy quieter table activities during the meeting. We will have art supplies out for kids to use. If kids are bringing screens that make noice, please bring headphones too. If your family needs are different than this, let us know, and we will see if we can find a different space. Note (June 5): I haven’t received information requesting different childcare arrangements, so we are going ahead as described above.

By: Sam

Buttons for June 5

Buttons for the VSB meeting are being pressed this week. David is taking on the printing and pressing, which gives us the opportunity to get our buttons at a suggested donation of $1-3 per piece. The funds collected will go to TES.

Both button is inches. You can view the designs via the form and submit your order here:
Button orders

The ’21st Century’ button will have a plastic waterproof cover. The “Ask me” button will be pressed in a matte finish.

Our hope is to have them prepared for pick up at the PAC meeting on June 4th. They will, of course also be available at the June 5th meeting. Please bring coins or small bills if you can.

If you have any questions or requests regarding these feel free to contact Teresa.

By: Teresa